Law Office of Erika L. Moore

Welcome to the website of Law Office of Erika L. Moore. This
website is designed to provide you with further information
about my firm.

My law practice specializes in the representation of people
accused of all types of criminal law matters.  The goal is to
provide intelligent and aggressive representation so that the
client benefits in their battle with the government.

If you or your clients have potential criminal exposure, do not
hesitate to call or email for a free consultation. The sooner
representation is secured the sooner your rights can be

My law practice also specializes in providing experienced and
dedicated counsel to handle the family law issues which so
profoundly impact couples and children. Erika believes that in
the highly charged emotional atmosphere of family law, her
clients need a steady and even-keeled temperament to guide
them through the often-emotional process, while maintaining
a certain level of aggressiveness when needed.

If you or your client needs a steady hand in a family law case,
do not hesitate to call or email for a free consultation.