When it comes to getting the representation that you deserve, be it in
criminal law or family law, you can always trust on the Law
Office of
Erika L. Moore to come through for you.

The tremendous difficulties that accompany criminal charges both in
and out of the courtroom can become overwhelming, and searching for
representation can prove to be very difficult. Nevertheless, choosing the
right attorney is one of the most important decisions you will have to
make. Attorney Erika Moore will aggressively fight for your rights. You
will receive the highest quality of legal advice and expertise from her.
She strives to provide each client with the highest caliber defense, to
investigate each case thoroughly, prepare aggressively for trial, and to
negotiate effectively. She observes the highest ethical standards at all
times and in all places, and deals honestly and fairly with her clients,
prosecutors, and the courts. Attorney Erika Moore is committed to these
values and is guided by the principles of excellence and leadership.
She is proud of the fact that many of her cases have come through
referrals from clients that know first hand of her successful advocacy
and passion for defending the rights of her clients.

Furthermore, when it comes to the well-being of your family, you
deserve the best legal solution possible. Based on experience and
know-how, Attorney Erika Moore, resolves family law conflict efficiently
and effectively. From the moment you enter the law office, the firm
establishes a comfortable yet professional relationship dedicated to
providing solutions to your legal needs. The firm's services are priced
reasonably because she knows family conflict can take a heavy toll on
your family, both emotionally and economically. Most importantly,
Attorney Erika Moore will tell you what you need to know to make a fair
and honest legal decision. Her straightforward answers will take as
many worries away from you as possible.

Law Office of Erika L. Moore